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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the data sent to?

The data is sent to key purchasing and procurement agents at the EPCs, sub-primes responsible for the build outs and operations, and applicable Federal and state agencies including the Department of Energy

How many questions are there?

There are 57 questions in total. 20 are mandatory and the remaining 37 optional

How long does it take to complete the common app?

The mandatory questions will take a reasonably knowledgeable employee of a company less than 20 minutes to answer. The optional questions take a bit longer because companies will want to put their best foot forward and come up with complete answers.

Do we have to complete it all at once?

No. You can begin it, save your work, and complete it as you have the time.

Does it cost anything to complete the app?

The answer is yes and no. "No" in some cases because cities and municipalities are increasingly subsidizing part or all of the fee through economic development grants. If that's not the case and the business if picking it up entirely, it's about the cost of a large Starbuck's Capucino -- roughly $3 / day or $1,000 per year

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