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Teesside England-based product manufacturer and global supplier of fire, blast and radiant heat protection systems has successfully delivered a contract for Statoil’s £1.5 billion Dudgeon offshore wind power farm project.

Located 20 miles off the coast of the seaside town of Cromer, Mech-Tool Engineering Ltd was commissioned to design, manufacture and supply its world leading fire and blast walls, which will play a vital role in safely harnessing offshore wind to power more than 410,000 homes in the UK.


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Innovation at the heart of offshore wind

Posted by Charles Decuir on May 23, 2017 8:40 AM EDT
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A new wind of change is blowing globally, and energy and climate change are feeling its power.

Momentum has been gathering as national governments have signed up to policy commitments on the low-carbon energy transition over the past year. Nearly 150 countries have recently ratified the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement, which commits governments to limiting the global temperature increase and global warming.

More remarkable than the sheer number of signatories on the document were the identities of some of the individual countries who signed it. China and India, for example, which in the past had been seen as barriers to action against global climate change, were among the first to ratify the accord. No longer is climate action only seen as a priority for 'do-gooder' Western governments - it has become an unstoppable, global force. This is hardly a surprise. While the ethical argument for reducing carbon emissions is an important one, it is the economic arguments which are now driving the global surge in renewable energy investment.


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