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Innovation at the heart of offshore wind

Posted by Charles Decuir on May 23, 2017 8:40 AM EDT
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A new wind of change is blowing globally, and energy and climate change are feeling its power.

Momentum has been gathering as national governments have signed up to policy commitments on the low-carbon energy transition over the past year. Nearly 150 countries have recently ratified the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement, which commits governments to limiting the global temperature increase and global warming.

More remarkable than the sheer number of signatories on the document were the identities of some of the individual countries who signed it. China and India, for example, which in the past had been seen as barriers to action against global climate change, were among the first to ratify the accord. No longer is climate action only seen as a priority for 'do-gooder' Western governments - it has become an unstoppable, global force. This is hardly a surprise. While the ethical argument for reducing carbon emissions is an important one, it is the economic arguments which are now driving the global surge in renewable energy investment.


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Diving in to solve subsea engineering challenges

Posted by Charles Decuir on April 27, 2017 1:45 PM EDT
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Corrosion, seabed scour, and underwater cleaning are among the challenges facing the offshore wind industry.

And a new series of workshops is looking to innovative companies to hatch ideas to help find engineering solutions.

The first in the series is on Wednesday May 3rd at the Lowestoft-based offshore renewable energy innovation centre OrbisEnergy.


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Atkins, one of the world's leading design, engineering and project management consultancies, and Aditazz, a Silicon Valley based software company transforming the built environment by helping customers complete large-scale, complex projects in less time, at lower cost, and with more efficient operations, have partnered to develop a new, novel approach that optimises offshore wind farm projects, dramatically improving the entire design and development process.


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GE Completes Acquisition of LM Wind Power

Posted by Web Master 6 on April 23, 2017 8:25 AM EDT
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GE announced it has completed the acquisition of LM Wind Power, a Denmark-based developer and manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines.

The merger, which received approval in the European Union, the United States, China and Brazil, is valued at $1.65 billion. Now, GE’s Renewable Energy business brings wind turbine blade design and manufacturing in-house, which the company says will improve its ability to increase energy output and create value for customers.


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Walking to work across a gangway has become commonplace for technicians in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind industries. Early, first generation systems provided the ability to transfer personnel from vessels to a fixed structure, but a new generation of walk-to-work technology has recently been introduced that enables technicians and their equipment to be transferred from a suitably sized vessel directly to an offshore platform, wind turbine or other offshore structure, such as a substation.


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 Adwen announced it has reached the final stages of the installation of its 8-MW AD 8-180 offshore wind prototype in Bremerhaven, Germany.

The foundation and three sections of the tower, including the power section, have been installed, with the fourth to come in the coming days. The fifth and final section will be installed at the same time as the nacelle.


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Wind turbines and ships may not seem to have an obvious connection – unless you need to service offshore wind turbines, when an especially seaworthy, flexible and manoeuvrable vessel really comes into its own

The 2017 Offshore Renewables Award was sponsored by F3O Offshore Services and is awarded to a company, project or product that has made a significant contribution to the development of the offshore renewables market during 2016. The winner was an innovative service operation vessel, Windea La Cour, the first ever vessel with the Ulstein X-STERN, which was designed and built by Ulstein in Norway for Bernhard Schulte Offshore and contracted by Siemens Wind Power. The vessel is currently in service at the 600 megawatt Gemini offshore windfarm in The Netherlands.


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