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Who are we? BEI Tactical is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business providing unique services and high-end products to the government and commercial industry. BEI Tactical’s core values come from it’s quality work force. We seek proven professionals that add value to our customer’s challenges, and make BEI Tactical a TEAM where people WANT to work. Our philosophy is “Solutions through Relationships”, whether it’s a product or service, let us help you solve your challenges.

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NovaVis' Jeff Keever and Charles Decuir discuss the Virginia DMME Wind Energy RFP with Inside Business
Virginia is looking for plans to create an infrastructure blueprint for offshore wind energy – a...
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BEI Tactical had a visit from former Teammate, Astronaut, and close friend Chris Cassidy!
Keep your eyes out for a BEI T-shirt in the International Space Station in a few years!
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Global Technical Systems' to build new manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach.
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