Comparing floating foundations for offshore wind farms

Posted by Jeff Keever on August 17, 2017 8:15 AM EDT
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Editor’s note: An earlier version of the Ocean Going Deck Barge and its operation is described here:  AMF Concepts has revised its design to use a catamaran for the barge to simplify buoy and WTG construction and deployment along with greater stability.

 U.S. deepwater offshore floating wind turbine foundation platforms are taking too long to develop. We need them now. One design is readily available.

Andrew Filak / AMFConcepts

At present, 58% of the U.S. population lives in coastal areas. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates there is potential for 4,233 GW of clean energy off the coast mostly in deep water. The figure is four times the capacity of the U.S. electric grid. The first fixed-bottom offshore wind farm in U.S. waters is now capturing this clean energy off the coast of Rhode Island. This project is now part of the 50 offshore wind farms operating worldwide.


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