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What is NovaVideo and how do I participate?

What is a NovaVideo

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What is a NovaVideo

12/6/2016 4:33 PM EST

How do I submit a video?

1. 12/6/2016 4:33 PM EST

NovaVis has launched an Industry Expert Videos area. The concept is to have Industry Experts and Subject Matter Experts provide a 60-120 second video on a current topic of their choice. For example, you could do a video on the latest going ons in your world. Or the latest and greatest on a related subject, etc…

There is no heavy lift or technology challenge. Simply shoot it on your phone. In the office, in the field etc.… Send to us, we create a standardized format (like YouTube) and there we are. Or you may already have one, or several “in the can”. We will Post in the NovaVis Industry Expert Video area and push out to our network.

This would create additional and powerful coverage for an organization.

If you have any questions, simply contact NovaVis.

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