Repair & Maintenance
  • 4013 Seaboard Court Suite A-3
  • Portsmouth, Virginia
  • 23701
  • (757) 465-0333

Who are we?

Metal disintegration is our core business. Encompassing a diverse spectrum of metal disintegration services, we provide both on-site and in shop metal disintegration services. CBG provides sales, service, parts, and training for all Cammann Inc. Metal Disintegration Machines (MDM). We have exceptional expertise in providing metal disintegration to clients with complex disintegration problems due to unique materials, difficult site access, and/or limited time constraints. CBG uses state-of-the-art Metal Disintegrating Machines to provide the customer the quickest, most accurate, and cost efficient method for the removal of broken tools, taps, bolts, studs, pins, center drills, tube expanders, and set screws in large stationery equipment and vehicles. Our mobility and flexibility allows our services to be performed on-site, or at our complete shop facility. The MDM are portable enough to allow setup in tight surroundings, such as submarines.

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Business Information

  • Contact Information: ken@cbgmaintenance.com 757-465-0333
  • Founded: 2003
  • Founder: Kenith Guthrie
  • Headquarters: Portsmouth, VA
  • Products: Metal Disintegration, sales, service, and training
  • No. of Employees: 3
  • Revenue: $150,000.00
  • Key People: Ken Guthrie
  • Area(s) Served: World wide
  • Hours of operation: 24/7
  • Type: Private

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